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The first three "Bloody Jack" novels by L.A. Meyer

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.09.26 at 21:35
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Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary “Jacky” Faber, Ship’s Boy” by L.A. Meyer

Mary Faber had a family once, but the plague killer her parents and her sister Penny. Mary, left alone and fearing being taken by the corpse seller, Muck, finds refuge on the streets of London’s Cheapside. She joins the Rooster Charlie gang that resides under Blackfriar’s Bridge. To live, they steal, beg and do odd tasks. Mary reads the news for those that cannot. When Rooster Charlie is killed, Mary takes his clothes and follows her dream of being a sailor. She joins on the H.M.S. Dolphin as a ship’s boy named Jack. Here (s)he stands out for bravery and many skills desired in a sailor. Unfortunately, she falls for one of the fellow ship’s boys. Mary tells him and they make plans to marry. Then, when, tragedy strikes the Dolphin leaving her floundering on an island in the Gulf of Mexico, it is up to Mary to save them…

“Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman and Fine Lady” by L.A. Meyer

Jacky was found out and put of the ship in Boston. Now at the Lawson Peabody School Young Girls Jacky has to deal with learning to by a young lady, hiding her shady past and being apart from her intended Jaimy. Jacky, in all her blustering good will does not fit in well at Lawson Peabody. She makes enemies with her fellow students and is arrested for dancing in the street. A minister with a dark nature finds Jacky of interest. Jacky is soon busted down to a maid and just makes more trouble for herself all the while trying to help others. A maid that was killed, her one rich friend whose father is about to lose everything and a drunk man who loves his violin, all these and more are touched by Jacky’s kindness that never turns out right. When the minister forces his ideology on her, Jacky fleas Boston—after starting a fire that destroys the Lawson Peabody and parts of Boston itself.

“Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber” by L.A. Meyer

Jacky returns to London and tries to meet up with her intended husband Jaimy. Only Jaimy is in another woman’s embrace. Jacky rushes off only to be captured by a press gang and forced on board another British ship. When she is entered as a seaman she demands to be entered as a Midshipman because that was her former rank. This is done and she soon makes Lieutenant. From there she assumes control of the ship after the captain has a heart attack when trying to rape her. She makes the men aboard rich by taking many French ships and catching many spies. When a new captain is named she takes one of the captured ships and become a privateer that strikes terror into all the ships that are enemies of England. When the English find out about her success, they hunt her down as a pirate. Her ship is sunk, her crew pressed into service and she brought up on charges. Her captures are called to fight Napoleon’s fleet before she is deposited in London. She saves many of her captors when the ship sinks and in return, they let her escape…

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“Blue Bloods” by Melissa De La Cruz

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.09.26 at 21:30
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This is a modern day vampire novel with roots dating to the Mayflower and the lost Roanoke Colony. Many of America’s earliest founders were actually vampires. The high-class, old money people of today’s world are the descendents of these colonial vampires, more so they are the rebirths of these vampires. They are the fallen angels from heaven, but they are not evil. No, they are there to help better society. They found museums and donate to the opera, all in a hope to change the world for the good. Schuyler is all alone in private school. Then she is made aware of her heritage and discovers that most of the people she has loathed through her childhood are her real vampire ‘family’. Also, the Blue Blood or vampire community has to deal with the murders of several vampires; vampires are immortal… What is killing them off and how?

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"Violet and Claire" by Francesca Lia Block

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.09.02 at 23:20
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Violet Samms is a girl whose life is defined by movies. Her whole world is a movie. Unlike all the other girls in LA, she wished to write the movies, not star in them. Then she meets her leading lady; Claire. Claire is a new comer to LA and does not fit the mold either. She worships glitter and poetry and wears wings on her back. Together they make each other stronger but when Hollywood finds Violet, Claire is left hurt until the two girls figure out their life again.

This is one of the best books of all time. This book has changed my life and everytime I reread it it helps me to grow a little more. I bring different things to myself each time I read this book. This first time I read is I had lost my best friends to some odd twist of fate or teenage girlhood; with this reading I found that maybe those girls were not right and that I would still find my other half. The second time I read this book Iw as coming out to myself about being bi; Violet and Claire were the perfect copuple. This last read they were the perfect friends that I still wish I could find in my own life.

This was the first book I read by this author who is now among my favorites. FLB's writing style is electric and eclectic and is amazing and alive in all ways. I highly reccommend this novel.

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"A Girl of the Limberlost" by Gene Stratton Porter

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.08.29 at 17:33
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For anyone that was touched deep in the heart by Lucy Maud Montegomery's Anne of Green Gables of Emily of New Moon, you should read this book with no further adieu. The story centers around Elnora Comstock who only wishes to go to school. Her father died as her mother gave birth to her and watched the quagmire suck her husband down. Elnora grew up fatherless with a mother that hated her. She still goes to school. On the first day she is utterly humiliated by her country looks and her mother bred misconceptions. But Elnora is undaunted. She geoes home and with the help of her neighbors and her own will power she finds a way to make it at school. She becomes self suffienct when she discovers that the large June moths she has always been fasinated with are worth money to certain people.

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"Stoner and Spaz" by RonKoertge

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.07.18 at 11:37
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Stoner is Colleen the resident drug addict
Spaz is Ben who has C.P.

they become friends when Colleen passes out on Ben's shoulder while he watches a movie

Ben finds what he needs to succeed and be his own person and not his grandmothers minion

Colleen does not find what she needs

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"Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" by Cohn and Levithan

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.07.11 at 20:50
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"Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist"
by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

really awesome book
told from two ppoints of view
Rachel Cohn writes Norah's view and David Levithan writes Nick's

Nick asks this random girl to be his GF for five mins so he can avoid his ex that ripped out his heart
Norah agrees becuase she is avoiding the same girl who is not a not-friend but not a firend either...

they are avoiding the same person and then they continue to spend the ret of the night together in a magical journey through NY City's punk scene at night

it is really amazing and I am curious about some of the bands mentioned...

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"Mermaid Park" by Beth Mayall

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.06.08 at 11:40
interesting book. good for one read but not another. the plot was amazing, but it was her first book so I think she should have saved this plot for another book, later in her carreer. I think it would have been better then. it is a werid cross between Julie Anne Peters, FLB, and some one else that is not coming readily to mind...

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"Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.06.05 at 16:45
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Stephenie Meyer lives in Glendale, AZ which makes her an author from close to home. This book cought my eye while at the Albany County Public Library. It had a sticker attached to it requesting that it not be moved becuase it was part of a shelving test...the sticker was on the front cover. I saw the sticker after I pulled it out becuase it was shelved wrong and I was going to put it one the table for reshelving. But I liked the cover art and I read the jacket flap--the jacket flap is a mockery of the actual story. I liked it. I asked a librarian if i could take it anyways. She said yes. It is an amazing story. Bella, the female lead leaves her home in sunny Paradise Valley, AZ to move to Forks on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, a place of almost perpetual rain and oppressive dampness. She does this so that her mom can have more time with her new husband. Bella moves to Forks and lives with her father. At school, she is met with the unique challange of an unearthly gorgeous boy who seems to hate her upon site, Edward. The mystery of Edward deepens as Bella breaks down the barrier between them and Edward and Bella become close. Edward is a vampire. A reformed on that lives on animals and not humans, but still hungers for human blood all the same. Edward's love for Bella puts Bella in danger every moment of their relationship. Finally, love is realized. Only too soon this peace they find is shattered when the danger of Edward's kind homes in on Bella. Edward saves her in the end.

Part I, section GleninCollapse )

Part one, Section CollonCollapse )



Posted by tatteredfairy on 2005.07.06 at 19:21

my puter was sick and I was working this weekend so I was unable to fix said sick computer

so now the next one will be a review and discussion


Today's Book is

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2005.06.29 at 18:00
Volume I:
The Ruins of Ambrai
By Melanie Rawn