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“Blue Bloods” by Melissa De La Cruz

Posted by tatteredfairy on 2006.09.26 at 21:30
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This is a modern day vampire novel with roots dating to the Mayflower and the lost Roanoke Colony. Many of America’s earliest founders were actually vampires. The high-class, old money people of today’s world are the descendents of these colonial vampires, more so they are the rebirths of these vampires. They are the fallen angels from heaven, but they are not evil. No, they are there to help better society. They found museums and donate to the opera, all in a hope to change the world for the good. Schuyler is all alone in private school. Then she is made aware of her heritage and discovers that most of the people she has loathed through her childhood are her real vampire ‘family’. Also, the Blue Blood or vampire community has to deal with the murders of several vampires; vampires are immortal… What is killing them off and how?

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